Adjustable Gastric Lap-Band: An Update


The Lap-band was introduced to the US in 2001 from Australia where it had been used with great success. Approximately 30% of the patients that have a Lap-band placed do really well. They lose 55-60% of their excess weight. They seem to find the sweet-spot in their band adjustment and get comfortable, and require infrequent fills.

However, the remaining 70% of Lap-band patients struggle with adequate weight loss and frequently are not comfortable with their band and their fills. In addition, nausea, vomiting, and dehydration are common. This has been the experience of bariatric centers around the country, and it has been our experience as well at the Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute.

With such a majority of Lap-band patients not having a good outcome, it is important to point out that good alternatives are available. The sleeve gastrectomy is one good alternative. The average weight loss is about 70% of excess weight and the weight comes off quickly. The sleeve also resolves most of the co-morbidities or medical problems associated with obesity. Nutritional deficiencies are uncommon. And finally, the cost is not that much more for the sleeve than the cost for the Lap-band.

If you have a Lap-band in place and are doing well and are comfortable with good weight loss, keep up the good work. However, if you have a Lap-band and are not comfortable, and you are experiencing nausea, vomiting, GERD, awake during the night coughing, or are consistently gaining weight, make an appointment and get evaluated. You may need to have the band removed and consider converting to another weight-loss operation.


Please call our office at (303) 861-4505 if you are a Lap-band patient in need of assistance.

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